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Tuesday, 8 September 2015


Ssg Island Of The Dolls
Macabre, creepy, weird, and dark, the perfect recipe for a tourist attraction. Not far from Mexico City there is a small island adorned with sinister looking dolls hanging from trees and buildings and from every available nook and cranny, and which has been drawing in tourists in their droves. A little girl drowned in a canal, and Don Julian Santana, the man who found her floating by, later found a doll drifting in the same canal, and so he hung that doll by the nearest tree as a way to honor the little girl’s spirit. Then he hung another one nearby, then another, then another, and then he went crazy and became obsessed, going round doing nothing but hanging dolls everywhere on the island. But here’s the weird thing… he ended up dying by drowning in that same canal a few years later. His family ‘run’ the island as a tourist attraction and many people have reported sights of ghosts and strange phenomena.

Ssg Anwick Poison Garden
A lot of people are fascinated by the healing power of plants and all their mercurial qualities, but not so the Duchess of Northumberland. She’s drawn to their ability to kill, and how gruesome and painful those deaths could be. So she created a garden filled with all these dangerous plants, around 100 of them, some of which can kill you if you even touch them, and then opened it to the public, set inside a gothic castle which was used as a stand-in for the Harry Potter films. Kids of all ages are welcome.
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Ssg Karni Mata Temple
3 – Karni Mata Temple           
Rats and lots of them. In the town of Deshnoke in India, there is a temple which people flock to in order to pay homage to a C14th mystic who they believe was the reincarnation of the goddess Durga. Over the years rats have infested the place and for some strange reason the people believe that they are sacred and should not be harmed, so they just let them crawl around and even feed them, an estimated 20,000 of them, and they’ve even dug out specially made tunnels for them. Now people go there to see the rats. Nice place to take the kids.

Ssg Izu Islands
4 – Izu Islands
A vacation destination where you have to wear a gas mask. That’s not right is it? Japan’s Izu Islands is a little cluster of volcanic isles which have erupted multiple times, the last time a mere ten years ago, and where harmful gases, slightly poisonous and with a foul smelling odor, regularly leak through the ground. The islands do possess a lush landscape though so people still visit, but only once they acquire the gas masks which are obligatory by law.
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Ssg Gnome Countryside
A whole landscape in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, filled with gnomes, where you can go camping and hiking, and where you can meet the owner and founder, Rich Humphreys, who’ll tell you all about the habits, the history, and folklore of these little bearded people. Apparently he believes that they actually existed once upon a time. And he actually looks like one of them. And he’s married to one of them. Allegedly…

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